Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Program


Deadline - Restructured for the 2019-20, there are now three (3) application windows:

•November 15th—January 15th..........for performance dates December 1st—February 28th
•February 1st—April 1st..........for performance dates March 1st—May 31st
•May 1st—July 1st..........for performance dates June 1st—August 15th


Grant Amount:  The MHC grants 40% of your total contract with us, to an annual granted maximum of $4,000 this allows us to provide our creative writing assemblies for a much cheaper price!


Application is all done on line, and takes most of our clients 45-60 minutes.  Pick your dates/times and have us process paperwork prior to application, as you'll need to attach a signed copy of our contract, and a copy of your 501(c)(3)


Questions?  Call Jennifer Rupp at (517) 372-7770 or email at jrupp@mihumanities.org

Federal Funding

Who Can Apply: If your building receives either of these two federal funds each year, our programs are considered perfectly "curricular" enough to be an eligible use of them:

•Title 1 Funds

•31(a) aka "At Risk" Funds

(Consult your Federal Funding staffer for information and application materials)


Thanks to our corporate sponsor!

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